First Shot

As this is my first attempt at this I pray do have patience for I am not fully cognicent of how this works. I have been told to just post what does or does not stike my fancy and go from there. For our cousins to the south you will perhaps note that my spelling and my choice of words is somewhat if not compeletly different from yours. Since the form of English that I use is older than that of American English I make no apologies. By now it must be apparent that I am Canadian and being that, I have a different slant on the world around us. I am 68 years old, retired and been separated for so long it might as well be called divorced.I have two grown daughters , I love to read,while listening to classical music,. I am an addicted History Buff, and up till a few years ago an avid sailor, owning my own 24 foot sailboat, a Shark. I am also a veteran and member of the Royal Canadian Legion. I belong to another  chat forum, (also American) in which I am proud to say I have made some very good friends, most American and some Canadian. In fact I spent 6 1/2 years as a member of the U.S Army and fought in V.N. for 2 years. My oldest was born whilst I was stationed in San Antonio which makes her an American(or should I say  Southern Belle) and the butt of some good natured teasing. I must warn you that I find American Politics completely alien but intriguing. I despise fanatacism in any form be it political, social, or religious. I am a Monarchist and I belief the Parliamentary Constitutional Moanarchy to be the best (not perfect) system. For those who would scoff at this there are over a dozen countries that have this system.

Well I shall end what seems to have become an introduction and look forward to being part of this group.





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