Who to believe?

Our Military like all militaries of a Democracy is subject to the Government and takes it orders from them. The Cdn Military reports to the Gov. through the M.o.D. which decides what is classified and what is fit in their opinion for public consumption. The problems start to arise in the fact that the Minister of Defense is a politician and a Cabinet Member of the ruling Gov. so it is only natural for the information that is passed on to the public is in the best interest of making the Gov. look good in the eyes of the voters. The massive leak of US. Miliary Documents over the internet is not just affecting the Americans but is overflowing on the Governments of all NATO allies, which of course include Canada. One of the documents released is from 2007 in which an American soldier reports that 4 Canadians were killed by “Friendly Fire” , specifically a guided bomb relaesed by a US Fighter during a raid on a compound suspected of housing Taliban. The Cdn Gov. says that that is false and that the 4 Cdns were killed in a firefight with the insurgents. So who do you believe? Remember that Cdn troops have been killed by US bombing raids before and in fact an American Air Force Officer stood Courts Martial for  dropping his bombs on a Cdn Unit involved in night excercises killing 5 Cdns. and wounding a number of others. He claimed he was fired upon and retalliated in self-defense. So who do you believe our Gov. or an unknown American soldier filing an after action report.



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