I have now owned my new E-Bike for 2 months. Actually it is my second one as I bought the first in May of 2010. I bought this one because it’s faster and has a longer cruising range than the first one and it looks cooler. Calling it an E-bike is a bit of a misnomer as it looks more like a scooter (Vespa) but under Canadian law it is classified as an electric powered assisted bicycle. Under that same law they are to be governed to a max speed of 32kph (20mph), you do not need a license, insurance, nor registration. You must however wear a certified helmet and  have pedals on it. Also you are not allowed on any 400 series highways, They are the perfect means of transportation for around town. They cost around $29.00 a year to run, are quiet and non-poluting and charge from any 110-120 volt outlet. Charging time is from 4-8 hours dependent on usage.

As I said I have two, a 48 volt Gimelli and the new 60 volt Dream Ryder Black Knight. Prices start around $900.00 and go up. The Gimelli was $1600.00 and the Dream Ryder was $2400.00. The Dream Ryder goes considerably faster than the 32 kph set by law and when going at top speed you can feel the govenor kicking in to prevent it going any faster. If it was not for the govenor I think it would do 50 plus kph.

I have not owned a car for 12 years and until I got the E-bike I was dependent on others for transportation. Now I have my mobility back and it is great. I can come and go as I please and enjoy myself.  The main draw back is the winter. It is damn cold riding so it is a long 3 months waiting for spring.


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