There is no God. No, let me re-phrase that. There is no Biblical God but there is a Creator, that Creator and the Universe being one in the same. This of course makes me a Pantheist, which to me is the only logical explanation for our existence. The Universe as we know it began about 13.7 billion years ago with a Big Bang. I personally believe that the Big Bang was a larger Universe giving birth to ours and perhaps myriad other Universes. I cannot nor can anyone prove this(nor disprove) but I am pretty sure I will find the answer, one way or another, when my life ends. Problem is I won’t be able to say to anyone that I was right or wrong. To get back to my befuddlement I find it almost incomprehensible that great numbers of people believe in this omnipotent, fatherly creature refered to as GOD. How people can can take the son of a Jewish carpenter turned reformer and promoted him to divine status as the son of God is beyond me. It is my belief that the three most dangerous books ever written are the Torah, Bible, and the Koran. All three are based on Mythology, Superstition, and Ignorance, not to mention Racism, Intolerance, and Misogyny. Yet there are those who follow these writings fanatically as the word of God and live their daily life by them. We are one species, Human, brought about by countless eons of evolution and development and my befuddlement lies in the fact that so many of us still have the brain capacity of a Stegosaurus (no insult to the Stegosaurus).



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