My Opinion


Yesterday in Toronto a State Funeral was held for For the Honourable Jack Layton, MP, Leader of the New Democratic Party (Socialist) and Her Majestys’ Loyal Opposition in Parliament. Although Mr. Layton seemed to be a decent and honourable man ( for a politician) he did nothing to warrant the Honour of a State Funeral. In Canada State Funerals are reserved for Prime Ministers (both present and past) Govenor Generals, and Cabinet Ministers. Jack Layton was none of these and the chances of ever reaching the Office of P.M. were about the same as the preverbial snowball. The Prime Minister, Steven Harper did this to garner political point by showing the country what a ‘GOOD GUY” he is and of course the NDP jumped wholeheartily on the band wagon to bolster their support. Even in Death Politics rears its’ ugly head. Jack Layton is dead at 61 years of age from cancer and it is a sad occassion and my respects and sympathy go out to his wife, Olivia Chow, and his Family but a State Funeral is a bit over the top. Who is next, a seperatist like Jaques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, or perhaps Gilles, Duceppe.


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