I loathe and detest Republicanism. It is in my opinion the worst political system ever devised by the Human mind. When you add Christian Fundalmentalism to the mix it becomes as dangerously unstable as nitro-glycerin threatening all around it.The US is starting its’ run up to another Presidential Election and the god fearing, hell and damnation Republicans are ranting from the get go. As usual they are pandering to the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian base. These individuals who believe the world is less than 8000 years old and that T-Rex and man ran around to-gether. If we did I can assure you that we would have been a tasty snack. Old Rex would have looked at a human with one thought on his walnut sized brain “LUNCH”. It is scary to say the least that a large segment of the American Population believe these absurdities. The Fates protect us if one of these bible thumping nutbars ever gain the Presidency. He or she will make the prophecy of Armmagedon a reality.


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