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Five days from to-day Canada will commemerate Remembrance Day.At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 the guns fell silent on the Western Front and after four long horrifying years the killing in Europe stopped and the 1st World War ended. It was the war to end all wars yet 21 years later the guns commenced firing again and Europe and the World were plunged into another 6 years of death and destruction. From 1 Sept. 1939 to 2 Sept. 1945 with the formal surrender of Japan over 60 million died.
Canada in both World Wars answered the call and with the exception of Vietnam and Iraq have done so ever since. After the Korean War and up to the Afghan War the answer was in the form of Peacekeepers.On November 11 we pay tribute to all those young Canadian Men and Women who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom. The Red Poppy, the symbol of Remembrance is proudly worn and in every Hamlet, Town, and City from Sea to Sea to Sea across our Land we will pause at exactly 11:00 a.m. and bow our heads for two minuets of silence to Honour our Dead.  War should never be glorified but the courage and sacrifice of those who fought  and died must never be forgotten they paid the price for the life we have to-day. Forget them not. Respect, Honour, and Cherish every Veteran, be they alive or dead, for they are all truly Heroes.


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