The Pang of Growing Old

I’m coming up 70 and I hate getting old. Maybe that is why I act like an overgrown kid at times. Not to long ago I said to my oldest daughter that I was in my second childhood. To which she promptly replied “No your not Dad. You haven’t left the first one yet”. My reply to that was “Yeah,OK, but I’m having fun” which methinks went over like a wet blanket.  My oldest has this unique way of showing disapproval. She goes quiet. Whereas my youngest comes right out and says “Your Nuts Dad”.

My biggest beef about growing older is the argument betwixt mind and body that occurs when ever I want to do something. The mind is all for it and the body is screaming “What are you crazy? I’m not 20 years old, I’m over weight, out of shape, smoke to much, and have had 2 heart attacks. You trying to kill me”. To which the mind replies “What are you a wimp?” The body quickly rebuts with a resounding “YEP” so lets go sit down relax listen to some good music and read a good book. Much to my chagrin the body wins and I put on some Classical and pick up a History book and loose my self in the past,where, some might argue I belong along with the other fossils of time. To which I can only reply “Maybe so, but at least in the past I am young again”.


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