Charter of Rights

A few years ago when I was a member of a Forum based in the States I wrote that the U.S Constitution was a static document with little or no allowance for changing times. Well you can image the comments I received from that. It now seems I was right. When compared to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms the Charter wins hands down. It is now the international model for the Constitutions of emerging Nations and also for those Nations looking to change or modify their Constitutions. The Charter allows for more Freedoms and protection than does the U.S. Constitution. Even U.S. Supreme Court Justices along with Constitutional Scholars and experts are advising other Nations to look to Canada for guidance when writing a Constitution or Bill of Rights. To often the U.S. Supreme Court is ruling that the Constitution must be applied exactly as their Founding Fathers wrote it. That might be fine for 230 or 40 years ago but not in to-days’ world. Times have changed and Constitutions must also change to keep pace with the realities of this world. The “Red Coats” are gone and they won’t becoming back at least not as invaders seeking revenge.


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