Vic Toews the Minister for Public Safety has announced that Kingston Penitentiary is being  closed saying that even Canadas’ hardened criminals deserve better. This is all part of the new Law and Order Bill that the Tories have passed. Experts in Criminology from around the world have stated that a lot of this bills’ provisions will not work and that in the end it will proved extremely expensive and a failure. The Tories are proposing to build new prisons at the cost of hundreds of millions plus transfer a lot of criminals to Provincial jails along with the cost of running them. Well I am definitely not an expert on these matters but it seems to me there has to be a better cheaper way to incarcerated the more dangerous of these scumbags.

Just a little north of 78 degrees latitude is a nice little uninhabited island called Borden. I propose that we take all the murders, rapists, sex offenders, pedophiles, serial killers, and dangerous offenders and send them there. Walls will not be needed or for that matter guards. All that will be required is food, shelter and clothing (provided by the lowest bidder). If they wish to leave they can try swimming in the short Arctic summer, but then the closest land fall is another uninhabited island. In the winter they can try to navigate across the ice pack, where they can provide lunch for the Polar Bears. This I think is an inexpensive method of incarceration with the added benefit of supplementing the food source of the bears.


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