If,the phrase “Cogito Ergo Sum”(I think therefore I am) is to be taken as fact then there is a vast array of non-entities wandering around. The only conclusion I am able to come to is that they are figments. Some being or thing is conjuring them up in his/hers, its, imagination and I wish whomever,whatever would cease and desists. They are putting the Human race  in ill repute.

Without naming I shall  list some of the better known figments who seem to abound in the North American continent. There is the somewhat attractive brainless female from the extreme northwest, the pudgy, thrice married historian from the central eastern seaboard, the dogmatic papist from the central east, a gun toting cowboy from the southwest, and of course the individual who believes that the christian god visited North America. (On this last one I have to say that if I had been taken down from a cross, woke up in a crypt and needed some R&R I would pick a better spot than neolithic North America)

I must say this though, he,she, it, or what producing these figments is pure genius, misguided genius, and should really attempt to put the imagination to more productive use. After all the Universe is watching and we don’t want some ultra powerful alien race to decide that the planet is a loony bin and blow it up.


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