One definition of the word History is “the total accumulation of past events”. It is more. It is a living breathing entity that grows with each passing day, week, or year. It is who we are, where we came from and what we have accomplished. History defines events, good bad, mundane, it teaches, it guides, and it reminds. The adage “he who forgets History is bound to make the same mistakes ” is truer than most are willing to admit. Most history is biased as it is written by individuals from a specific nation or group. It can invoke pride, nationalism, and hatred. History can be used for propaganda, rewritten and perverted to suite a particular cause or agenda. In some instances it is pushed into the background and considered not of import. After all in the age of “political correctness” sordid events of the past should not be mentioned because it might upset someone. History is History, it happened it cannot be changed and it should not be forgotten. To forget or ignore  starts a nation or individuals on the slippery slope to re-occurrence. A great deal of History is filled with War, so be it, for we are a warring species. By ignoring it we are not going to change it. We must remind ourselves “no we are not going to kill to-day” there are other and better ways of solving our problems. Just because my ancestors picked up the sword doesn’t mean that I have to. No war is a good war, some though have been justifiable . The second World War was one as the evil that was consuming Europe had to be stopped before it engulfed the world. It has been said that “The Glory of War resides in the memories of old Veterans”  and there have been so called Glorious Moments but on the whole there is no glory in it, just boredom interrupted by periods of sheer terror. Unfortunately the History of our species includes the history of its’ wars. History also records our great achievements in science, art, literature, and medicine. It is a record of fantastic advances and dismal failures.  Without History we are nothing for we know not from whence we came or where we are going. Quo Vadis?


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