I do not know Conrad Black  nor do I wish to. I do know that in some spheres  he is considered brilliant. He is extremely knowledgeable in History and he does have a mastery of the English language few can attain. He is considered by some to be an excellent businessman as proved by his newspaper empire. I will not dispute any of his accomplishments as I know absolutely nothing of business. I have read some of his writing and  though I might not agree with all of it I do admire his ability. Whether Black is guilty of the crimes he was accused of committing I cannot say. I will say that from what I have read and seen there is the greatest  possibility that he was pilloried by the American Justice System and by an unethical and ambitious prosecutor. I have little ,or no love of the American system and this charade that was perpetrated has merely added another faggot to the fire.

That being said there is one act he committed that I cannot and will not forget or forgive, his renunciation of his Canadian Citizenship. I consider this the act of a petulant, spoiled little boy ( akin to Treason), who could not get his way . To renounce his birth right in perhaps the best country on this planet is unforgivable, especially for the reason he chose. A peerage ,a Barony in the British House of Lords. I am a Monarchist and a firm believer in the Parliamentary System but the House of Lords is akin to our Senate, a Social Club for political hacks, cronies, and so called elitists.

So Mr. Conrad Black, or should I say “m’Lord Black, Baron of Cross Harbour” although I may sympathize with you on your unfair treatment by our southern cousins know that in the eyes of this Canadian you have committed the most egregious of sins.


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