Thirty four years ago I had to have our dog, Robbie, a pure bred Collie put down because he was in pain and starting to snap at people. A few years before he had been hit by a car and his right rear leg was pretty mangled. The vet managed to save it but as Robbie grew older he started having more and more pain. Our biggest fear was that he would snap at and possibly bite a neighbours’ kid. So I had the vet put him down. Never thought I would cry over a dog but I bawled like a baby all the way home. Now here it is 34 years later,I am approaching 70 and because of pain I am starting to get just like Robbie. As far back as I can remember, even as a kid, I have had pain that came and went in my left leg. Mostly I could ignore it. but as the years rolled by it has gotten worse. I guess it didn’t help that when I was 27 I suffered severe burns to both my legs. It is strange that the right leg was burnt the worst and yet it doesn’t bother me. Just this damn left one. It is now getting to the point that I am in pain almost constantly and it is affecting my personality. In the past two days I have snapped at people for no reason at all. Just lost my patience. Most people who know me will tell you that I am not like that. I am starting to act like Robbie and who knows maybe I will get bad enough that I will have to be put down.


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