What in the name of Beelzebubs’ Bloated Belly is the Minister of Heritage doing sticking his rather large frame into the business of a Museum  Exhibition. The Ottawa Museum is currently running an exhibit entitled “Sex A Tell All Story” and the “Honourable James Moore, Minister of Heritage thinks it inappropriate. Dean Del Mastro, Parl. Sec. to Moore said that this exhibition should not be shown in a Museum of Science and Technology. Well if SEX (Biology) isn’t science then I don’t know what is. Better to have a rational scientific explanation about sex than what I learned growing up in the 50’s Things like if you masturbate you will go blind and hair will grow on your palms, or if a girl pees on you it will kill you or the dreaded “Girls have teeth in there and will bite your willy john off. Being raised a Catholic ( which I am no longer) I was taught that is was a mortal sin and I had to confess it or when I died I’d burn in Hell. To think I used to believe that crap. 

No one is forcing others to go to this exhibition and if it offends you then stay away and revel in your idiotic misconceptions. This is the 21st century and I envy the sexual freedom young people have to-day. Hell when I was a teen I was to damn scared to even think of it.


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