Constitutional Monarchy

There is an old axiom “If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it”. The system of government that we in Canada have is Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy which has proven over the years to be the most stable, though not perfect, form yet devised. Canada since its’ founding (New France) has always been a Monarchy. After the Seven Years War (French&Indian War) the inhabitants merely exchange one absolute Monarchy (France) for a Constitutional Monarchy (Britain). Seems to me that a system where Parliament is supreme is far better than one with a Monarch who rules by whim. There are 16 Constitutional Monarchies so it cannot be as abhorrent as  those who favour Republicanism believe. The Commonwealth has 52 Nation Members who recognize the Queen as Head of State.  It is not a perfect system but it works quite well so as I said “If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it”


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