I like Spam. I don’t eat a lot of it but every now and then I buy a can for sandwiches. It is quite good fried up with a couple of eggs and some home fries. Okay, it is not that healthy but like everything else taken in moderation it’s not going to kill you. I read somewhere that it is quite popular in Hawaii and Guam. It came out, I think, in the mid-thirties and the name stands for spiced ham. I remember my Mom buying it back in the fifties and she would let me turn the key to open it. Now a days it has a pop-top which from a safety point is good.  Cut my fingers a few times on the edge of the old type can.  Hereford Corned Beef still comes in a can that opens with a key.  During the two World Wars canned corned beef (Bully Beef) was a staple in the Empire and Commonwealth Armies. I also like it now and then. Of course I have been accused of eating just about anything that is put in front of me. I never ask what it is until after I have eaten it. A few time I had a hard time keeping it down but in most cases I did. Always managed to go off somewhere before I up-chucked so as not to embarrass myself or others. 


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