Another Step towards Americanism

This morning I read that the Conservatives passed Bill-C-304, repealing the clause allowing Human Rights Commissions to shut down web and phone sites that are used to promote hate and bigotry. A win for freedom of speech according to Harper and his Yankee loving cronies. It seems that every time you turn around the Conservative Party of Canada moves us one step closer to the American Republican style of government. First it was the Repeal of the Long gun Registry then some dumb ass Ominbus Crime Bill, and now allowing hate mongers the right to expound their vile, hate ridden, Neo-Nazi messages of White Supremacy and racial purity. Thankfully we still have our Criminal Code Anti-Hate Laws. 

This government which calls itself Conservative (Tories) is in actuality closet Reformers from Alberta, which by the way isn’t call “Texas North” for nothing. On one hand they seem to be all for the Monarchy, which is just fine by me, yet they keep slipping these Yankee style laws through Parliament slowly inching us closer to Republicanism. We in Canada are not Americans, never have been, never will be, and sure as hell don`t want to be.I will admit that there are some who do admire and want to emulate the Americans. All I can say to that is, if you love the buggers so much go live with them like I have and see how fast you change your mind.  The American people as individuals are fine people but collectively under their system they are definitely scary.`Caveat Nova Roma


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