I am a Liberal, always have been, but then I have a streak of Conservative in me and streak of Socialist. Like most Canadians that puts me in the middle of the road. I like some Conservative policies and I sure as hell love our social safety net. Hate extremism in any form and right up there besides that is Republicanism. I must be somewhat thick in the skull as for the life of me I have never been able to fathom how Republicanism works, guess if I was brought up under it I’d understand it. Thank the Gods I wasn’t. I rather like the Westminster Parliamentary system. Also I’m a Monarchist, but we shan,t delve into that just now.

I stated that I’m a Liberal even though I do not belong to the Liberal Party, my son-in-law does but then he wants to go into politics which is fine by me. He knows more about politics than I ever have or want to. Me, like every good citizen when an election is called take my enumeration card and toddle off to the polling station and put my X on the paper ballot beside the Liberal candidates name. Sometime I can’t even pronounce the name but it has the word Liberal beside it so it gets my X. Not a very intelligent way to vote I know  but hey the candidate is a Liberal so he has to think somewhat  along the same lines I do.


One thought on “RED,BLUE,& ORANGE

  1. In defense of the Liberals, you’re more likely to find a thinking brain in their roster of less-known candidates than you are amongst the talking-point-reciting drones of Team Blue.

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