This coming Sunday, 1 July 2012 is Canadas’ 145th Birthday. Not bad for a country stuck betwix the Eagle to the south and the Bear to the north just over the Pole.  Except for the Cold War the Bear has never really been much of a problem. Although lately it has been sniffing about the Arctic because of the vast oil reserves. Hell a Polar Bear can whup a Brown Bear any day of the week and we have lots of Polar Bears and they have only one thing on their minds “Lunch”.   Nope, Canada has had more problems with the Eagle, what with them being scavengers . Ever since they committed mass treason and became a Republic they have always had one eye cocked to the north. The damn bird flew up this way back in 1812 only to get its’ tail feathers singed and sent scurrying home. Still that eye keeps looking north. 

Now we have been pretty good friends and allies over the past couple hundred years but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our differences. These usually occur when our southern cousins decide to stick their nose into us northern folks’ business. The Beaver smacks its’ tail and the Eagle flaps its’ wings and after awhile everything settles down and returns to normal. Always though that eye looks north. 

So, come Sunday we turn 145 and 3 days later on the 4th our southern cousins turn 236 sure would be nice if I could come back in 91 years just for a look-see. You know, things will be a lot different, the Beaver might come back and as to the Eagle, well, there once was a bird called the DODO.


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