This morning as every other morning I get up splash cold water on my face, brush my teeth, and pour my one mug of coffee I drink each day. Whilst savouring that glorious brew I turn on my computer and bring up the first , Toronto Star, of the three newspapers I read each morning. The other two being The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post .ca. I do not read the whole paper but browse through  picking out articles that peak my fancy. I rarely comment on them but every now and them one either pleases or irks me and I will comment.

As a run up to Canada Day Huff Post has been running a series on “Why I love Canada”. Hell what’s not to Love, we are the best. Any way before I go off on a nationalistic diatribe there was an article by a gentleman named Yoni Goldstein entitled “Canada’s Great, But I Don’t Love It”. OK. Mr.  Goldstein on all of your points about us being great you will get no argument from me with one exception. You state that to Love Canada goes against our nature. That Sir, depends on the kind of Love one has. I as most Canadians Love this Land but it is the quiet reserved type of Love. A Love that is rooted deep in the soul, a private Love, a grateful Love. Let the larger more powerful nations of this world boast and brag of their greatness. We  in Canada know who we are, where we are going and what we have wrought. As my Dad use to say “If it’s Canadian It’s has to be Good but we’ll keep it a secret”. Paradise isn’t lost, it never has been , it has been here all the time stretching from SEA TO SEA TO SEA.


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