To-day I read that Conservative Cabinet Minister Bev  Oda resigned. Smart move on her part as it looks better on a resume to resign than to be fired. This Minister Of International Co-operation  in the Harper government seem to think that she was above accountability when it came to spending taxpayers money. On several occasions she was taken to task by the opposition on the floor of Parliament for her expense accounts.. The latest  being a conference in London, U.K. where she didn’t like her Hotel accommodations at he Grange, St. Paul, furnished by the host and site of the conference. She moved to the Savoy which is one of the more expensive of Hotels. Because of this move she had to hire a Limousine service for transportation to the meeting site at a cost of $1000.00 per day. The proverbial straw though was the $16.00 orange juice. 

Ms. Oda is merely the latest of Harpers’ Cabinet Ministers to step in the do do. Max Bernier,  when he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs left classified documents at his girlfriends’ house. Peter Mackay,  the Minister of Defense, while on a fishing trip in Newfoundland had Coastal Command dispatch a Sea King S.A.R Helicopter to pick him up so he wouldn’t miss his flight to some meeting. He is also embroiled in the F-35 fiasco. Well I guess that is to be expected of Harpers’ Cabinet when one considers that the majority of members are closet Reformers and lot of them are from Alberta (Texas North) . The problem as I see it is that when it comes to Conservatives their brains are in their wallets carried in their breast  pocket next to where a shoulder holster would be. Well all you disciples of Preston, enjoy, your days are numbered.


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