Big Deal

What’s the big deal with the media. Some TV personality named Anderson says he gay. Like who the hell cares. Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes are getting a divorce. Hey, my marriage broke up and the media never mentioned it. Who the hell are the Kardassians, or Snooki, or Paris Hilton. What world altering event were they involved in to get the attention. For that matter what do they contribute to society. I doubt any of them have ever had to put in an honest days work. Look at me I have big boobs and a big ass so I get my own TV show or I have more money than god and I’m spoiled and bored.,TV show. I could really care less about some over aged, over the hill rocker with a painted face and his family. There are  other shows “Sons of Guns” about a gunsmith in Baton Rouge modifying weapons and blowing things up. Then there is “Swamp People” about a group of Cajun alligator hunters or “Duck Dynasty” about a bunch of rednecks who made a fortune making and selling duck calls. It seems every time you turn on the tube there is some reality type show. I don’t know who is to blame the most the media or the moronic masses that watch this stuff. I guess it is just the modern version of “Bread and Circuses” and the people who produce this drivel are getting rich off the imbeciles who watch it.


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