As a follow up to yesterdays political comment It was announced last night on the news that Julian Fantino was promoted to Minister of International Co-operation replacing Bev Oda. Talk about the Peter Principle. He has not only risen to his level of incompetence but has just surpassed it. Now to cut him a bit of slack I will say this , he is a loyal conservative, a member of the Government and he follows orders and it my understanding it is not smart to disobey Stevie boy. Fantino is a former Police Officer being the Chief of Police  in Toronto and them head of the Ontario Provincial Police. When he was elected to Parliament he advanced to the position of Assistant Minister of Defense under Peter Mackay. He was put in charge of the governments program to purchase the F-35 Fighter for our Air Force. A boondoggle from the word go. He was burdened with the defense of the governments stance on this highly controversial purchase and he flubbed it. It got so bad that the program was taken away from the Defense Department and handed to a committee from the Public Works Department to try and rescue. Yeah, Good Luck on that.  As I stated Fantino is a good Conservative Soldier and he will march to the tune that Harper plays and by doing so further tarnish Canadas’ reputation on the international scene. The fallout of course will flow right past Stevie and bury Fantino and this time next year there will be another cabinet shuffle and some other poor incompetent  foot soldier will advance. Thus is Politics, especially the Conservative version under the man who would be, King, President, god.



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