Just 125 days left til the circus finale .Every four years the world is entertained by the biggest Circus/Sideshow conceived by mankind. The U. S. Presidential Elections. So on November 6 one of two Ringmasters , Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, will get elected and the repercussions will reverberate around the globe.On a personal level I really don’t give a damn but let’s face it whomever gets elected ends up the most powerful individual on the face of the planet, Hell, in the Solar System. Must be something to wake up the next morning realizing that if someone ticks you off, I mean really ticks you off , with one order you can Nuke them to oblivion.

All politics is a game but one has to admit every four years the best game in town is the U.S. Pres. elections. Roughly eighteen months before the election the combatants gird their loins, sharpen their verbal sabres and  start the skirmishing.  It is almost like the Gladiatorial Games of Rome where multiple contestants do battle until but two are left. The main difference is the sands aren’t red with blood, but there are a few bodies of the losers being carried off. Everything , including Family , personal life, working life, and of course religious life is fair game. Can’t leave god out of it. Wonder what they would do if there really is a god and one day he/she says enough is enough, the skies open up, down he/she comes and yell “Hey A– Holes, you  really don’t want to p— me off, so if you know what’s good for you leave me outta this sh–“. Of course it will never happen as he/ she left a long time ago, if they were ever here. As I said it’s a circus and nobody can put on an entertainment spectacle like the Yanks. Elections were made for Hollywood and of course that pillar of journalistic and entertainment  integrity , FOX. Well for the next 125 days the airwaves will be crammed with political propaganda, scandals, promises and lies so I for one will consider hibernation for the next four or five month but I just realize that that won’t work cause I can’t hold it that long.


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