1930s ?????????

It is  2012 and everyone knows that  the worlds’ economy is still  headed in one direction, “To Hell in a Hand basket” and although they are adamant that they didn’t cause this we know  the U. S. did.  At the beginning of the crisis the States were assuring everyone that “Oh it’s not a recession/depression  just a downward trend in the whatchamacallit, thingmebob and if you put a penny in this slot the bubble gum will come out the other slot and all will be right again.” Well if you believe that I have a few million acres of rock and dust on the Moon I’ll let go real cheap. Now here’s the kicker. When it comes to the economy or money matters I haven’t got a clue but I do know when something ain’t right.I do know that you cannot let large corporations, banks, and financial institutes have free rein. That’s like letting a bear loose in a honey factory. He’ll eat everything in sight and when he has had his fill slink off to hibernate and leave the mess for others to try and clean up. As I said I don’t known a thing about high finances or how to get things back on track. I do know as a reader of history that the last time the world got into this kind of mess it took a war to fix it. Not some piddly little brush war like what has been going on for the past 60 odd years but a major conflict. That is a road that no one wants go down so some other solution has to be found.Of all the industrial nations caught up in this mess Canada seemed to come out of it the best. It is my understanding that this came about because of the regulatory system imposed by our government. From this absolute layman s’ point of view maybe the rest of the worlds’ economies should take a page ,from our book and get the free- for-all type of capitalism under control. Of course it won’t happen especially in the U.S. because that smacks of socialism which they equate to communism. Years ago the states passed monopoly laws to control the Robber Barons but I guess when you have all the money in the world you can always bribe someone to look the other way. When the get caught with their hand in the cookie jar it is always some poor smuck that takes the fall and they go on believing that they did nothing wrong and they can’t be punished because that would mean bigger economic problems. As one of the oblivious is quoted as saying “Let them eat cake”. Lost her head over that one.


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