Someone  who is a family member writes an excellent blog which make my attempts look like a group of chimps beating on typewriters. No that’s an insult to our closest cousins and I apologize. Lets say a litter of mice running over a key board chasing a cheese ball is more accurate. I try, and thanks to the computer my attempts are at least legible. If I had to hand write this or for that matter anything one would think that a drunk, beheaded chicken stepped in a puddle of ink and wandered onto the page. Never have been know for my handwriting skills. There is a good security point though and that  is no one can forge my signature because they can’t read it. Hell sometimes I can’t read what I’ve written. It was different when I was a kid because in school you had to write well or you got whacked across the knuckles with a ruler. Since attaining adulthood I have, and I admit, become lazy in the area of penmanship. In the old days before computers I loved the typewriter for it was the magic machine that let me put my thoughts on paper. Now here is a weird thing, if I have to sign something I prefer a fountain pen don’t like the way ballpoints look. A few years back I went shopping for a new fountain pen and much to my astonishment no one knew what I was talking about. The clerks in the stores looked at me as if I was a Neanderthal asking for a stone tablet and a chisel.  I couldn’t believe it. I guess in an other fifty years or so the same thing will happen if someone wants to buy a ballpoint. I mentioned this to my oldest daughter and that xmas lo and behold I got a Fountain Pen with a supply of ink cartridges. I was happier than the proverbial pig in a puddle.

There are those who will say I’m old fashion and don’t like change. They are partially right. I don’t like change for the sake of change. Somethings are just fine the way they are. Some changes were long overdue and I for one are pleased that they finally occurred. Anyway I’m not so young anymore and I’m set in my ways on somethings. I like to think I’m a bit eccentric with my Quirks and Foibles. Hell my second childhood is turning out to be better than my first.


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