Pee Oed, Politics

Religion & Politics

I am, to put it in a nut shell the most anti-religion person on the planet. I think I can give Bill Maher competition when it comes to the subject but this isn’t about that. It is about religion and politics and my personal take on the subject.

Many people have a far different position on religion and as far as I am concerned that is their right, they have my sympathy, but I will not, nor do not attempt to convert them. What bugs the hell out of me is mixing religion and politics. At one end it is like water and oil and at the other matter and anti-matter. They just don’t mix, it’s a law of nature and one shouldn’t mess with nature.

There are two major areas where this phenomenon occurs, Islam and American Fundamentalist Christianity. Talk about extremes. Both claim to believe in the same god and both say the other one has got it all wrong. They are both wrong for the simple fact that here isn’t some supreme omnipotent deity sitting in a mythical sky kingdom micro- managing the affairs of humans. The Creator/Universe has a lot more important things to be concerned with like keeping inventory  stars and black holes.

Personally I don’t give a damn what religion a politician practices. I didn’t elect him/her for that, I elected ,him/her to run the country. I do not want my elected , or for that matter any elected Member of Parliament standing in the House pontificated how this or that should or shouldn’t be done because god wills it. Religion, if that is your thing, should be personal and kept personal. If your constituents are for , say the death penalty, then you vote for the death penalty. Not what your personal belief is. When you win a seat in Parliament you represent the majority in your riding and voting your conscience has little or no place. Leave religion where it belongs in the Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and Temples.


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