The Oxford  Canadian Dictionary defines befuddlement as being confused/being drunk. Well I know I’m not drunk as I gave up drinking almost 40 years ago so that leaves confused. Now everyone has been confused at times and as one grows older so does the susceptibility to confusion increase. Especially in a world which seems to change every nanosecond. By the way when I was a kid no one ever heard of a nano anything, what the hell do I need  a nano for. My watch counts hours, minutes, and seconds so why do I have to know that every nanosecond 50 zillion particles of something pass through my body.

First there was the molecule then the atom, then the proton, electron, neutron, tachyon, quark, and now something called the Higgs Boson or God Particle. What’s next the Jones mini  boson. How bloody far down are they going to go. They say with this discovery they have found what gives everything in the Universe mass, OK,  what causes it to give particles mass. Hell this could go on ad infinitum getting smaller and smaller until, what?  

I have come up with my own solution to my befuddlement and confusion and it is really quite simple. 13.7 billion years ago a very large Universe had a case of  flatulence and with a rather loud bang passed gas which expanded until  whatcha know here we is. Simple isn’t it. No befuddlement no confusion. Now I know that in the scientific community this is a major discovery in helping to understand our Universe and why things are the way they are. but why call it the God particle. He/she/ has nothing to do with it. It is merely another piece of the glorious puzzle that is the Universe.


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