Pee Oed


To-date 2,987 NATO personnel have paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan. The U.S with 1,939, U.K. with 422, and Canada with 158, have bourne the biggest burden. For what? The Taliban are still committing atrocities as witnessed by the execution of a young woman accused of adultery. The Karsai Government is so corrupt it defies description and the so called Afghan Forces are a joke. Yet we still pour money and materiel into the place and put our people in harms way.

From the mid-eighteen hundreds until 1919 the Brits fought the Afghans 3 times in the 1970 the Russians invaded and now in the 21st century NATO. Short of committing Nuclear Genocide let’s face it we aren’t going to win. A warrior people converted to a warrior religion mired in the middle ages with modern weapons.

In an era when the Brits weren’t hindered by media coverage and human right groups couldn’t beat them what chance have we. Why are we still there? For What? For a people who won’t stand on their own, who follow a religion of submission to the will of their so called god. For a bunch of savages who think their mommies didn’t love them so they hate all women and think the are the spawn of the devil good for only servitude and brood mares, to be put to death at a whim.It is time for the western world to open their eyes and do unto them what they are doing unto us.


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