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Well Harper and his closet Yankee Republicans have done it again. Sold another piece of our sovereignty to the Yanks. Buried in the infamous Omnibus Bill is a little thing called the Integrated Border Enforcement Teams. This gives American Law Enforcement Agencies the power to make arrest in Canadian Territory. Albeit at this juncture it pertains only to the water borders between the two nations but there are provisions to extend this to land borders. At some point in the near future a Yankee cop armed with everything short of a nuke will be allowed to pursue and arrest alleged criminals across our border. Yeah that’s all we need is a bunch of  New York State Troopers racing along the QEW blazing away at anything and everything around them.

Harper and his cronies are the biggest group of hypocrites in the country. On one hand they are all for celebrating the anniversary of the War of 1812 , where we stopped the Americans from conquering us and on the other they slowly and sneakily sell parts of our sovereignty behind our backs. If this is allowed to continue the Yanks will realize their dream of “Manifest Destiny” better if they declared war so we can go down fighting and take some of them with us.  

My Land, my Home I fear for you. 


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