Pee Oed


M’Lord Black is at it again. This time he is asking a Federal Court to order the committee reviewing the possible revocation of his Order of Canada to allow him to give an oral defense. There are no provisions for this defense in the rules governing the committee, just ones that allow  written statements. Now as I said back in May I don’t know Conrad and don’t want to know him in fact if he happened to fall off the planet I doubt I would bat an eye. This individual, back in 2001 renounced his Canadian Citizenship in order to receive a British Peerage. That act alone should have been grounds for revocation of his Order. Now that he has a criminal record merely adds another faggot to the fire and there should be absolutely no hesitation in revoking this honour. Alas the Baron has wealthy influential friends of the Conservative bent and it would not surprise me in the least if this request was granted. Time will tell and the chances are that somehow he will retain his Order and possibly get his citizenship re-instated. If you have enough money or clout I guess you can buy anything.


One thought on “CONRAD AGAIN

  1. Steve Fonyo, who completed what Terry Fox didn’t – the marathon across Canada on one leg – had his Order of Canada revoked because he fell on hard times and started committing armed robberies. The difference is he was broke, unlike Lord Black.

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