Musing, Pee Oed


There is an add on TV about some feminine hygiene product where this young woman says “Don’t you wish you could make some things disappear” , Yep, Conrad Black. I wish I had the power to make him disappear from Canada. Now in the scheme of things I am a no-body, just a 70 year old retired individual living on O.A.S and C.P.P. which means my income is below the poverty line. When it comes to power and wealth people like m’Lord Black don’t even know I exist. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth or in any other orifice for that matter. I am not as well educated as he nor do I have the mastery of the English language that he doesHe  is however in my opinion a self opinionated  boorish snob and a rogue.He had the great fortune to be born in Canada (which I was not)  be educated and rise to prominence as a businessman and author in this great country. This it seems was not enough for him as he renounced his birthright to become an English Lord. This, I think, comes perilously close to treason or at least sedition as it is an act against the authority of our government.

I wonder if he will ever read this (doubtful) and if he does will he sue me for defamation of character. It seems Conrad loves to sue. If someone has the audacity to criticize him or in his opinion disparage him out come the legal guns. It must gall him at times that we do not live in an earlier age where he could demand “grass before breakfast” but then that would mean risking his life. Oh! I forgot he is a Lord so he could appoint a champion.  Baron Black of Cross Harbour you are an embarrassment to this country and if it were in my power sir, you would be on the first leaky row boat out of here. 


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