Those of you who have viewed and read my posting might think that I am anti-American. Well in some ways I am ,after living in the U.S. for 6.1/2 years and having fought for them in southeast Asia for 2 years I don’t trust them. As individuals most of them I have met and dealt with are decent good people but en masse along with their government they scare the hell out of me. It is as one of our Prime Minister said “We are the mouse sleeping beside the Elephant wary of every move, praying they don’t roll over. ”

There was a short period in our joint history when we were all part of British North America. From the end of the French and Indian War in 1763 until the 13 southern colonies rebelled in 1776. During their rebellion they invaded Lower Canada (Quebec), captured Montreal but were finally defeated and driven out when they moved against Quebec City. They invaded again in 1812 and again were repulsed in both Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) Canada after 2 years of bitter warfare. Since that time we have been friends and allies but always with a wary view on the part of Canada. In fact the U.S. Civil War was a big driving force in Canada becoming a Dominion and gaining independence. After that bloody conflict the Union had the largest Army in the world and it made Canada extremely nervous.

In the 1840s America developed a policy of “Manifest Destiny” it was their belief that they were ordained by god to control all the Americas. It was used as justification for the Mexican-American War. To-day of course they deny that the policy still exists but dig deep enough and I am positive you will find that in certain powerful and influential circles it still slumbers.

Everything in the way of natural resources the states need and are running short of we have in abundance in Canada. We are their largest foreign supplier of oil. natural gas, lumber, and nickle. Canada has more fresh water that the rest of the world combined. I read recently that 56% of the U.S. is experiencing drought. You can bet your bippy they would love to get their hands on our water.

Ours use to be the longest, at 6400 kilometres or 4000 miles, undefended border in the world. That all changed with 9/11. Shortly after the attacks  some leading American Politicians got it into their heads that the terrorist had entered the States through Canada.This was a complete fabrication as it was proven that they entered directly into the country through their immigration system. Still it was pounced on by the Americans to arm the border and tighten up entry from Canada. It seems that when the Yanks sneeze we say bless you.

I am the first to admit that economically we are tied to the U.S. as they are our biggest trading partner with about $1.3 Billion in trade each day. Culturally we struggle as we are bombard by American Pop Culture in the movies, TV, and music. So far we have kept the flood under control but to many of our young people get our cultures mixed up thinking to American ways as ours. Others have even referred to us as the “Quieter, more gentle Americans”. We are not Americans, we might share the continent with them but that is where it ends.

One last thing I would like to say is that I do not hate Americans. I do not like their culture or their Politics and I definitely do not and never will trust them. Till the day I expire I will maintain that given the opportunity they would pour across the border like the Niagara River pours over the Falls.


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