Pee Oed


Just read an article by Peter Worthington in Huff Post Ca. about a convert to Islam and self styled cleric al-Haashim Kamena Alangana ranting about “Provocatively Dressed women and how it is responsible for rape. What in the name of Hell is he doing in Canada. If he doesn’t like our ways he should return to what ever sand dune he calls home. Perhaps what I am about to write will upset a lot of people but I feel it has to be said. The worst damn thing that ever happened to Canada is MULTICULTURALISM . The only cultures that pertain to this country should be the 3 founding ones. Aboriginal, French, and English. This is our country and if others don’t like it or want to change it then stay away from here.

I have absolutely no truck with any religion but of the major ones on this planet Islam is the worst. It is frozen in the 7th century where hordes of scimitar wielding Muslims stormed out of the desert forcing the so called infidels to convert or die. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of women were raped in that orgy of pillage. Oh! but wait a minute that was okay because they were just women and infidels and allah said it was a good thing to destroy the unbelievers. Now before anybody says anything, yeah, the christian god was saying the same thing to his hordes.The point is that other religions and cultures evolved and adapted to the changing ways of the world. Here it is 2012 and we have these clerics. imans, and mullahs demanding that sharia law be establish in Canada and that women should be relegated back to the status of chattel. Like Worthington said “It ain’t gonna happen”. Pack up your archaic, misogynistic beliefs and in the words of that great anonymous orator “Bugger off” 



  1. Worthington is just as bad by choosing to give this twit a national platform by putting him on the front page of the Sun and then ranting further in HuffPost. He knows it will piss people off and that’s why he does it – it is one of the most disgusting examples of stoking racial tension to drive up sales. This cleric is a nobody, he is not elected to any office, and his opinions are of about the same worth as the people who swear they saw Elvis buying a burrito at Taco Bell last Thursday.

    • The world is full of idiots and they’re always going to find ways to spout their nonsense. Multiculturalism has absolutely nothing to do with that. You are under no obligation to change how you live your life or what you believe based on the rantings of some guy on a street corner, or even those of the lackwit currently occupying 24 Sussex. As I said the Sun is publicizing this moron only because they know it will fire up the blood of the angry right-wing mouth breathers who make up their core readership.

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