The shooting in Scarborough over the weekend leaving 2 dead and 25 wounded has shocked the people of Toronto and rightly so. It was the act of one or more cowardly punks out to so call prove themselves. The dead, a 25 year old  man and a 14 year girl were innocent by-standers caught in the crossfire and now the politicians and community leaders will don sack cloth and say how dreadful an act it was and how sorry they are to the families of the dead and wounded. Well sorry doesn’t cut it and neither does the makeshift memorial that will rise at the location. It was a block party and maybe a hundred or more people were in attendance but no witnesses have come forward. Why? Because they are also cowards who don’t want to get involved. They either do not care or do not realize that by their silence this will occur again and again.

There is a call again for the banning of handguns  and I am all for that. Of course you will here arguments to the contrary about how guns don’t kill people, people kill people and a gun is just a tool. Well guns of any description are designed and made for one purpose and one purpose only. TO KILL. It is my opinion that in this country (Canada) there is absolutely no need for a private citizen to own a hand gun, and in some cases a long gun. 99% of us buy our meat not hunt it.

Vic Toews, the Fed. Minister of Public Safety, a man who if he ever develops a brain will be more  dangerous than he is now, is ranting and railing against the courts because they are overturning, what they see as draconian, some of the laws that he and his boss, Stevie,have pushed through Parliament. Maybe they are. I don’t know as I’m not a expert in criminology. I do know that a solution has to be found.

A black minister was on CTV news yesterday and he was saying that there is a problem in the black community and he puts it down to the fact that most of the young men who get into trouble do not have a father around. Well when I was growing up I didn’t have a father around all the time. He worked heavy construction mostly over seas and would be gone from 2 to 3 years at a time. I turned out alright, but maybe because it was a different time and we respected other people and property more so than seems the case to-day. Also I was scared of my Mom boy did she pack a whollop. 


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