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Our gallant Minister of Defense did the normal conservative thing. He opened his mouth and bit himself in the butt. Of course he has an excuse in that he has to do and say what Stevie wants and if Stevie says the French help us beat the Yanks then it must be so. Not. The French were backing the US as they were at war with Britain. Here in Canada the “FRENCH CANADIANS” were the ones that stood with us against the Americans. The most famous of their battles was Chateauguay where vastly outnumbered they routed the Yanks who ran all the way back across the border and never attempted to invade Lower (Quebec) Canada again. Bravo mes amies bravo.  

In one respect we can take a little pity on the Minister in that he probably wasn’t taught to much Canadian History in school.  A gross failure on the part of our education system. Even in the 50s and 60s when I was in school the history we were taught was British with a smattering of world history thrown in. The thing was that nobody wanted it known that we could be just as warlike and aggressive as anyone else. Maybe in some respects better at the game. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not we are good at war. We have proven it time and again. WWI, WWII, Korea, Peacekeeping, and Afghanistan. The best part is that we don’t start them but we sure as hell help end them.

Anyway I bet you old “Nappy” rolled in his grave when he heard that he helped the Brits beat the Yanks. On the other hand Brock, Tecumseh, and Prevost must be screaming for Makays’ scalp. Hey, take Stevies’ while your at it. He has a good full head of hair and he is so dense he probably wouldn’t miss it. Before I leave  off how much do you want to bet the next thing we will hear is that Canada helped the Confederates win the Civil War.Or ,was that the French also. Some side who wore blue uniforms won it and the French always wore blue.


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