Gun violence is on the rise again in Toronto and people are angry about it and demanding something be done and rightly so. Banning handguns is a start but not the total answer. Longer mandatory sentences for gun possession according to the experts doesn’t work. Stricter immigration laws and automatic deportation of non-citizens convicted of crimes would more than likely be deemed racist. Maybe the return of the death penalty for murder.  It is to complicated a problem for simple solutions and I would not even pretend to know the answer. I do know this though that in comparison to the U.S.A. what goes on here wouldn’t even register.

The latest example is the shooting in Colorado in which 12 were left dead and 50 injured at a movie theatre. Sixty-two innocent individuals out for a premier of a Batman movie and looking forward to some enjoyment when out of nowhere a gutless craven coward opens fire. Everyone  sympathizes with the victims and the families, condolences and condemnations will pour in and the memorials will spring up like flowers in the garden and for what, nothing will change. These savages will still be able to walk into a sporting goods store and arm themselves with the latest in killing technology. Why? Because it is their right guaranteed to them by their constitution in the 2nd amendment.  An archaic amendment that is as relevant to modern society as Neanderthal cave drawings. “Hey People, the Redcoats are long gone and won’t be back”. Which is a shame because if they had won you wouldn’t have an excuse to have guns.

Now of course the reasoning how all gun owners shouldn’t be punished because of one individual  and after all the shooter was deranged. Well it seems you have an awful lot of these deranged individuals who can buy a gun as easily as I buy a can of soda. What will it take for you to wake up one of these deranged nut bars to walk into your congress and machine gun everybody. Nah, come to think of it that probably wouldn’t stir you in the least.


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