Pierre Elliott Trudeau 15th Prime Minister of Canada, you either loved him or hated him. Personally I loved the guy he was great. I didn’t always agree with him and some times his attitudes really pissed me off but I always admired and respected him. YEP!, I’m a Liberal, always have been and sure as hell ain’t gonna change at my age. Figure I  have about 3 or 4 more elections to vote in. To bad they can’t give me all 3 or 4 ballots now so I can put my X next to the Liberal candidates slot. They can fill the name in later.

Now I have to clarify a few things as I guess I’m sort of a Blue Liberal as there is a certain conservative streak running through me. As I said I loved Pierre but his attitude to-wards the Military really, really, pissed me off. I could care less what his personal ideas about  the military were they should not have influenced his public attitude. He should not have allowed our armed forces to be so weakened.  I know that he was a brilliant man far more educated and intelligent than I but maybe he should have read and contemplated Publius Vegetius Renatus, ” sic vis pacem, para bellum”. His greatest accomplishment, amongst many, was the repatriation of our Constitution and the Charter of Right and Freedoms. His pride and love for our Nation alone makes him a Great Canadian. A saint he was not as he had an arrogance at times that could be infuriating but he was also human as shown by his “flipping the bird and fuddle-duddle” . On both of those occasions I roared with laughter. He must have been doing the right thing most of the time as “Tricky Dick” (Nixon) despised him. I do believe he called Pierre a S.O.B. To me the fact that he stood up to and irked the Americans gave me great comfort and joy.

Here it is 12 years after his leaving us and he is still a force in the fabric of Canada. His son Justin has followed in his footsteps, entering the political arena under the banner of the Liberals and is being touted as the possible new party leader. Justin is of his father but not his father and methinks he will blaze his own brilliant trail across the landscape of our Great Country. 



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