Aurora, Roman Goddess of the Dawn, Harbinger of light. Would the founders of this city in Colorado envisioned such a dawn as yesterday. For if ever a dawn were  red it was that one. The gnashing of teeth, profound sorrow , condolences and prayers will continue for a few weeks and then the slow dimming of memory and before long things return to as they were. Only those who suffered a loss will remember the rest of the country  will forget. That is until the next time. For this will happen again and again for nothing will be done to break the cycle. The politicians will put their blinders back on and kowtow to the gun lobbyists who cling to the 2nd Amendment of their Constitution as a leech to a warm body.

As far back as Greek and Roman times “to bear arms” referred entirely to the military and even under English Common Law and Bill of Rights it had/has the same reference. The English Bill of Rights, which greatly influenced the American Constitution, merely removed the right to restrict who could bear arms from the Monarch to Parliament which understood that the term was in reference to the military. Now you will hear the argument in the states that the bad guys have guns so I need them for self-protection. That may be so but with the refusal of your state and federal governments to tighten the  regulations on  firearm sales and possession you brought it upon yourselves. The Laissez-faire attitude that the American people have could in time possibly lead to the downfall of your Nation. Remember “Whom the Gods would Destroy, They first drive Mad”.


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