Lord Black in his arrogance is petitioning  the court to  force the Advisory Committee on the Order of Canada to bend its’ rules and allow him to present a verbal defense and introduce witnesses at his hearing. Once again he perceives that rules are made for lesser beings and not for the exalted. The hubris of this man seems to have no bounds. He has stated that to deprive him of his Order is “to add insult to injury”, what of the insult to Canada. Until such time that all your convictions in a U.S. court are overturned you are, sir, an ex “CON” and as such should be stripped of your Order of Canada.

There is however a far more egregious reason  for stripping you of your order. That is the renunciation of your Canadian Citizenship in order to become a British Peer, a member of the House of Lords. In a far less civilized time that would be treason and the punishment a most cruel and public execution. Alas it is the 21st century and at times it seems that honour and truth have little or no place in the world.

 Is it a correct assumption that when one has at least, or more, money than a god one perceives oneself to be a god. If this is so do we mere mortal build altars and burn offerings in the hopes that the privileged will  deign to smile upon us. With privilege should come propriety and the decency not to flaunt it in public. Perhaps if Lord Black had followed and not bent or broken the rules his troubles would not have materialized and we wold be spared the show of a petulant peer stamping his feet. How weighs the Coronet?


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