I sort of like Bill Maher. Granted he comes across a bit crude with his garbage mouth. My Father use to say that the use of profanity and gutter talk merely shows the individual has a lack of language skills. Whatever Bills’ reason is I can tolerate  his verbiage.  Lately Bill has scolded the interim leader of the Liberal Party, Bob, Rae, for the stance taken on the seal hunt. Bob Rae rebutted and it looks like this might turn into a tit for tat. Now I do not support the seal hunt but then I do not condemn it except in the instance of killing white coats. If seal hunting is to be banned provisions must be made to grant exceptions to the Inuit and Dene of Canadas’ north. It is not only a tradition but a source of food and clothing. There must also be provisions for culling less they over populate resulting in less fish.

Bob Rae  suggested in his rebuttal that the large number of celebrities involved in save the seals might put their time, monies, and energy into more pressing concerns. I tend to agree with him. There are far more important matters to get involved in than the killing of seals. Perhaps if the American celebrities brought their weight to bear on their government the mass  slaughtering of innocent victims who happen to attend a movie ,for one, would stop. They seemed more concerned with the fact that the previous G.G. ate seal meat than with a group of yahoos marching down the street at a political rally in Alaska armed with AKs. and ARs. Seals before Guns. With the market for seal meat and products drying up the Commercial Hunt will soon fade to oblivion and all those buxom blonde Hollywood babes can find a new pet peeve. SAVE THE TSETSE FLY. 


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