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It seems that as I read the papers each morning there is a new plan coming out of the P.M.O (Prime Ministers Office) to make us more like the States. The latest this morning was an article on the new colour scheme for the P.M.s’ plane. What the hell is wrong with the colour it is now. After all it is an R.C.A.F.  heavy lift cargo plane and it does double duty being converted to a V.I.P. transport on state occasions only.

I do not think that Canada needs a big gaudily painted airliner to transport our P.M. or G.G. or for that matter the Monarch. We have 5 CC-150 Polaris heavy cargo planes and their primary function is the transportation of military personnel  and equipment therefore they should be painted in the appropriate colour to do their job. If we should ever find ourselves involved in another Afghanistan flying a white plane with red maple leafs all over it wouldn’t serve much in the way of camouflage.  In fact the opposite would be true making it stand out as a target for every S.A.M.  around.

This is just another example of how Stevie and his boys want to emulate the Yanks. The President has a nicely painted red ,white, and blue 747 with the seal of the U.S and the words United States of America emblazoned on the sides. It is also called Air Force One. The conservative could call their version  Harper One. After all to listen to the spokespeople in the P.M.O., it isn’t the Canadian Government it’s the Harper Government. The conservative tout themselves as fiscally responsible, well ,it that’s the case why are they wasting time, money, and effort on this triviality. By the way I think the colours as they are look cool.


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