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The buggers are at it again. The Yanks sticking their unwanted snout into our affairs. Canada is a sovereign and free nation quite capable of handling its’ affairs without the Yanks trying to put their two cents in. The Chinese have made a bid of $15.5 billion to buy  Nexen,  a Canadian,  Alberta based oil company and this is upsetting Big Brother to the south. Tough. Personally I do not like the idea of Canadian companies being sold to foreigners, but, with the global economy and free enterprise this is the way of the world.

I know nothing about big business and how these things work but it does not sit right that we are selling a large portion of our natural resources, namely oil,  to the World biggest Communist country. A country that has an abysmal human rights record along with environmental problems that boggle the mind. That being said , this is not about that. It is about the United States of America butting into our affairs, AGAIN. 

The government in Washington, with its’ self proclaimed righteousness thinks it has the right to tell all and sundry what they can and cannot do. They do not own this continent, they share it with nine other countries, which I think really galls them. Granted they are the most powerful Nation on the Planet and if they marched north there is little we could do to stop them .That does not give them the right or authority to tell us what to do. Canada and the U.S. are friends and allies but every now and then the yanks blow it and the feelings of anti-Americanism start to percolate to the surface.

Canada will make its’ own decision on whether to sell Nexen to  China and who knows Ottawa might put the Kibosh on the idea and all the American uproar will be another tempest in a tea pot.



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