A very good friend of mine also blogs here and a few other places. He has just posted an article titled “Follow the Money, Missing the Point”, excellent piece. Now to those of you who have the kindness to read my attempts, if the following doesn’t prove I an certifiable then I give up. 

I don’t give a damn about money. Never have. Don’t get me wrong , it’s nice to have but as long as my obligations were fulfilled, debts paid, food, shelter and clothing for my family etc. I didn’t care about the stuff. My ex and I both worked and she handled the finances. We had two cars, my clunker and the better family car. She worked for a well known Law Firm in Toronto so she had to dress properly for her position as accountant. Me, I was a “Leckie” (electrician), blue collar type. I have always preferred to work with my hands than sit behind a desk in some office counting the tiles in the ceiling or any other boring pass time. In the summer I wore jeans and a Tee shirt in the winter I wore jeans and a Hudson Bay shirt. Our two daughters were always well dressed, and when the occasion arose I had a couple of suits and sport coats. Other than that I have never really cared about clothes as long as they covered my nakedness. I operated on an allowance, gas, cigarettes, and coffee money, lunch was brown bagged. My ex made the best damn sandwiches in the world, if truth be known she is a superb cook. She learned it from her Mom who could have given any French Chef a run for his money.

Any, to get back to the point. I really don’t worry about money. Being retired now and on my own I have more money for myself than I have ever had in my entire life. I’m not rich in fact my total annual income is below the poverty line but what the hell I’m doing just fine on my pensions. I have no debt and about the only time I get carried away is when I buy books from Amazon. Actually I buy a lot of books from Amazon. Some times think my daughters get to worrying about me when it comes to my attitude to-wards money. Understandable. My oldest had a little talk with me awhile back and although she doesn’t interfere she suggested that because I was a few thousand dollars in debt that I start paying more attention to my money. I have and like I said I do not owe anyone a penny. Visa must hate me as I pay my bill off before the due date every month and they can’t get any interest. 

I do not envy the rich because in fact they have far more worries and problems than I do. I don’t understand why anyone would want more money than they could possibly spend in a life time or in ten life times. Money might get them power but that power is an illusion that ends abruptly when they die. Like the old saying goes “you can’t take it with you”. Here I am at 70 and it would be nice to have maybe thirty thousand dollars as I would really like to own a Can-Am motor cycle. It’s a dream but it is a nice dream except for the part that I would more than likely kill myself on it an I just ain’t quite ready to depart this realm. I have a whole new second childhood to get through.


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