It is not often that I loose my temper with someone but yesterday it exploded and  for an few minutes I struggled to regain control. I cannot remember the last time  I was in that vile a rage. It is to say the least, a miracle, that I didn’t have another heart attack. All this came about because of a selfish, ungrateful old s.o.b. started whining and laying blame everyone but himself for his misfortune.

This individual has been evicted from the building I manage for being two months in arrears of rent. The situation is at the stage where the Sheriff has been called in and he has until mid-afternoon of the 9th to move out or be physically removed and the lock changed on his apartment. In the seventeen years I have managed this building this is the first, and I hope the last, time that the Sheriff has been called and to be honest I am sick about it. The problem actually started last August when the tenant started paying his rent twenty-eight days late. This continued until  he went into arrears in December and then again in January. He was taken before the adjudicator and ordered to pay what he owed or be evicted on the twenty-ninth of February. The order also stated that if he did not pay that the Sheriff would become involved. He paid up and everything started returning to normal with the rent being paid in full and on time until July. He informed me at the end of June that he could not pay until the end of the month and now that has passed and we are into August and still no rent for either month. The order of eviction issued in February is still in effect until the end of September so the Sheriff was called.

For well over a year myself and many others, including the Legion have tried to help this person.He owes quite a lot of money, six hundred of which is owed me for cigarettes as I was supplying him until about a month ago when I said that was it, no more until I get my money. Well I have written that off along with other money I have lent him to  pay for his medications.This person is in his mid-seventies and not in good health constantly loosing his balance and falling. I have caught him more times than I can count possibly on one or more occasions saving him from very serious injury or worse.The Legion has been working in the background to fast track him into a home where he can be looked after and a place has been found for the seventeenth. All  this work and caring was  thrown in our face yesterday when he accused us of being out to get him and not showing any compassion for his position. That is what set me off.  Listening to him whine and complain about how life was dealing him a lousy hand and things had not worked out in some business dealings and that the landlord was nothing but a money grubber who cared more about profit than people. I told him if that was the case he would have been evicted a year ago when he started paying late. As I said at the beginning I do not loose my temper that often but with what was transpiring yesterday I saw red and I guess all the subconscious resentment boiled over. It is just that I hate it when people are unappreciative of what other do for them. This morning at 9:00 a.m. I went to his apartment and apologized for what I said and how I acted. 


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