I was just sitting here browsing through the news papers on line and some of the articles that are posted are pure garbage. Like who really cares if Marilyn Monroe was a Lesbian. The woman is dead so let her be. I really needed to know that some TV talk show host named Anderson is gay. How about someone  who saw the face of Jesus in a tortilla. Was that before or after the tomato sauce was put on it. The atheists in B.C. are ranting about the Premier saying the bible helps her make tough decisions. OK, at the time she said this she was on some evangelical TV show and I guess she is covering all bases garnering votes. Like who the hell gives a damn. The point I’m trying to make is that there are far more important things going on in the world that should be written about other than fill columns with gossip and trash.

The same goes for television with all the talk shows and entertainment gossip programs. What difference is it going to make in the world who is or who isn’t sleeping with who in Hollywood. Some prune faced fashion designer by the name of Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t like Pippa  Middletons’ face. Has he looked in a mirror lately. I’ve seen better north ends of south bound heifers. Anyway who the hell is Karl Lagerfeld? So he can throw a couple of yards of burlap over a dummy and proclaim it his latest fashion creation. Hey, get a job. In Britain the Royal Family can’t burp what it isn’t in the tabloids the next day. Right up there with the British tabloids are the Americans. If the people who write for these rags consider themselves journalists then I’m the re-incarnation of  Chaucer.

People are entitled to have a private life and it is no bodies business what they do unless it involves a crime. I could care less how many times so and so has been married or Joe Blow belongs to some weird religion that worships fungus growing on a dung heap. This is not news it is mud raking gossip. All this is merely fodder for the brain dead ignorant masses who wouldn’t know a world shaking event if it eared up and bit them in the butt. They will, though believe that a flying saucer landed in Death Valley and a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater stepped out and said “Take me to your Leader”


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