Pee Oed


I swear, American  Evangelical Christians don’t take a dump without praying everything comes out alright. They have their god so entwined in their lives it’s a wonder they can function at all. They are convinced that god is punishing the U.S. because of abortion, homosexuality, and the Democrats. Socialism equates to atheistic communism. Capitalism is gods way. They seem to forget that their so called saviour was poor and preached mainly among the less fortunate. If they really studied the history of their faith they would find that the early christian church was very close to pure communism. Also Jesus was not a christian, he was a Jew. Christ is Greek for Messiah and Christian means follower of the Messiah. So explain to me how he could be a follower since he claimed to be the Messiah. Which by the way the Jews have had and rejected more than one of. The story of Jesus parallels that of Osiris, an Egyptian God, and the Trinity is an Egyptian concept.  

What shocks the hell out of me is the number of religious coalitions and groups involved in politics. It is almost as if these people want to relive the reformation  and the 30 years war. It took a couple of centuries and the death of hundreds of thousand if not millions for Christians to realize that religion and politics do not mix. Here we are in the early years of the 21st century and it seems all was for naught. Religion if you must have it, has its’ place and that is not in the halls of government. Neither the bible, torah, or q’uran are equipped to provide answers in to-days world. They were written thousands of years ago in a time of superstition and semi-barbarity. Possibly the only good thing they have going for them is they set out a system of moral codes which we all live by. If you are religious and believe then keep it personal do not through political pressure and manipulation try to force others to your way. I was born and raised in the largest Christian denomination and in my mid-teens walked away from it because it didn’t make sense it was not logical and that says something as I am not renowned for my logic. So give it a rest, will ya. The vast majority of people really don’t give a damn.


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