I believe that the state of Kentucky was once referred to as that. Well now the name should be applied to the whole of the United States. It is a nation slowly going insane and as the saying goes “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”. The dust has not yet settled on Aurora and now in Wisconsin ten more people gunned down. Eight Sikhs, six of whom are dead and two critically wounded , a police officer critically wounded and the gunman killed in a  shootout with police. This is “the land of the free and the brave”. Free to go out and shoot down anyone you feel like killing, and you have to be brave to open fire on innocent women and children. Award this hero the Medal of Honour he attacked single handed a group of non-Christians praying in their temple fighting his way to the kitchen where a number of women were preparing a community meal. “Well done O’ Mighty Warrior.”

The authorities are calling this an act of “Domestic Terrorism” because the “alleged suspect” probably thought the victims were Muslim because they wore Turbans. They are Sikhs and Sikhs are about as Muslim as the Pope. Like Christians, Jews , and Muslims, they believe in one God and live by a code of conduct which includes tolerance and human rights. They are also a Warrior People who when called upon can be a formidable foe as witnessed by the Brits in their colonization of India. So formidable that the Brits employed them in their army. They fought with great skill and honour in both World Wars and Korea and are part of the Indian Army to-day.

Of course we all know that the U.S. government will bury its head deeper in the sand over this and stricter gun control laws will be swept under the carpet for fear of the political clout of the N.R.A.  The antiquated 2nd Amendment to their Constitution will remain in place and hundreds if not thousands of more innocents will be gunned down in the future. The preamble to their Constitution should have include the phrase and the “Right to shoot  anyone I feel like”.


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