To-day I have set in motion the permanent deletion of my Face Book Account. To be quite honest I found it mundane and boring and of little use to me. Granted I have some close family members on it but I don’t need the media to keep in touch with them or find out what is happening in their lives. I much prefer talking directly to them. I am not a product of the computer age as I didn’t even know how to operate one or own one until I was close to 60. I am still quite a neophyte in their use. I think the problem with me is I do not really have a mathematical type mind and when someone talks about how do this or that or what it is capable of my mind along with my face goes blank. I have to be shown at least a few times for I never get it the first time around and I know that this can be frustrating for the person trying to help. When it comes to the social networks I don’t know 98% of the initials, contractions, and symbols people use. I also find that it seems necessary to butcher the English language to get ones message across. To me it is bad enough that Americans can neither speak or write proper English so  when they add all the other gibberish they might as well write in cuneiform. So the Americans do not feel alone I also know quite a few Canadians who have the same problem. I am not a master of the English language but I own 6 dictionaries, 3 of then Oxford, and a Thesaurus, all  well worn and dogeared.

Personally I find that way to much is made of these Social Media sites but then I am a bit of a stick in the mud and in some areas reluctant to change. I am for the present keeping my Twitter open as my rantings are on it and I hope people read them. If they do great. If not, what the hey I make no pretensions of being a great writer or philosopher in fact quite the opposite. 


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